My Story.

Growing up in Connecticut, I started sewing when I was about 8 years old  Learning not only from my mother, but also through Girl Scouts and various 4-H clubs.  I still remember my first project - a royal blue gathered half apron!  I have expanded my horizons since then and have developed a passion for any type of sewing, quilting or crafting.


I also do alterations, and take special orders for --- whatever --- quilts, wall hangings, table runners/toppers, drapes, pillows -- you name it, I can generally make it, or create it.

Happy Sewing/quilting/crafting!!



My Sewing Room

This is my sewing room - 20' x 20'.  I have 15+ bins of completed projects and almost an equal amount of bins of fabric.  And, please excuse the mess - I recently purchased a brand new Innova long arm quilting machine, so am now able to quilt up to a 114" king size!  Please let me know if you have a quilt project that you need me to finish for you - I'd be happy to help!

As I make any project, it will not leave my possession if they are not 100% perfect.   Plus, I'm generally quite quick with completing any project!  I am open to new ideas, different techniques, and of course, any shortcuts.


I am pretty sure I can make your ideas and dreams come true!


Please note *** if you purchase any items, you do not need to pay via PayPal which is noted as payment in the 'cart'.  If you would like to visit me here in Mesa, AZ, I will be able to process your VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card (and I even take cash!).  If unable to visit "live and in person", you may call me and I'll be happy to process a 'phone order' credit card purchase!!