This page is to display some of the custom/special orders I have completed!

This tee-shirt quilt was made for a friend to present to her son on his 24th birthday as well as his graduation from college!  'Mom' saved a LOT of tee shirts from all their vacations!  It was fun to work on and a challenge to get all those tees onto a lap throw!!

After presentation, her son commented: "How did she do all this? Who does something like this?"


A queen size tee-shirt quilt made for another friend to present to her daughter, Isabella!  It was another fun project calculating the angles for a different look, and is definitely a 'cute' and girly quilt.....


Had a unique situation - not enough of the blue fabric for the back.  I had to get a little creative with the layout using additional fabric and one 'extra' block leftover from the front arrangement!!

I made a couple of light weight cuffed 'beanies' for a special friend who is currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer.  She wanted these caps to get though some tough days ahead....Good luck, my friend!!

Only one word for these toddler aprons - CUTE!!  These were created for a South Carolina friend for her twin granddaughters who want to learn how to cook!  

These were special ordered for an extra large metal 'to-go' drink cup!  Charles couldn't find any big enough for his needs, so he asked me to make a couple of personal ones for him - Denver Broncos and the U.S. Navy.  Thank you for your service Charles!!

I made this reversible lap throw tee-shirt quilt for a great friend!  One side is Harley Davidson/reverse side is the Pittsburgh Steelers