This "Summer Tote" by Lazy Girl Designs was made using Native Arts fabric by Robert Kaufmann.  The heavy duty 'go anywhere' tote is loaded with 5 pockets outside, and 4 inside!  Has a zipper closure and sturdy handles.  The sides have a trapezoid shape creating a roomy interior without being big (5 1/2" at the bottom & 3" at the top).  The tote was made by constructing two fabrics fused together to make a canvas-like material that gives it body!

Summer tote (Red)

  • 100% cotton and is machine washable/dryable, BUT, would use a product called SHOUT, Color Catcher dye-catching sheet (found in the laundry section), since the red MIGHT run. I would use cold water, if you need to wash this tote.
    Tote: 12" wide x 11" high x 5 1/2" deep at the bottom.
    Handle: 10".