Custom orders and requests

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Recovered cushion backs which turned out beautiful!!  

           BEFORE                                AFTER

And here are the seat cushion seats - equally beautiful!!

            BEFORE                                     AFTER

Secondhand thrift store find!!

Recovered with faux leather...

I have a friend who has a cabin in Heber, AZ and she asked me to create:


This was a special request for a tee-shirt quilt to fit a double bed.  As it happened, there were enough tees to make it reversible!! It was requested for a 'soon-to-be' Northern Arizona University student - their colors are NAU True Blue and NAU Gold!! 




Blackout curtains for the                  "Skirt" for the TV stand             Cover for the cabins 

kitchen dormer                                                                               pellet stove fuel container

10 Summer & winter reversible placemats

Plus - Potholders for summer & winter - but - I forgot to take a picture      :-(

    Wonder what she will need next!!        ;o)

                    BEFORE                                                                                                  AFTER

                                       These 2 yacht cushions were my challenge for the month!!

                                       They were a total of 75" long x 17" wide.

                                       Once completed though, they looked awesome!

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